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Monday, January 14, 2019
By Jayson's Photography
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Weddings on a budget is something that everyone wants to know about and how to do it. You can orchestrate your wedding for as little money as possible by having friends and family all donate to your wedding in any skill they know how to do. I suggest doing this if you are really on a tight budget. First things first is you want to select a venue to hold your wedding. Are you going to have the wedding ceremony and reception here? Some places offer this and will allow you to have your ceremony there for free if you pay to have your reception there. Usually places will charge you for how many people you are going to have there and multiply that times the cost of the meal. Meals can run for as low as $25 to $100 depending on the venue and how good the food is. You can have your ceremony and reception at your house to save cost but you'd still have to bring in food or buffet style which is usually much cheaper. This does work but you'd have to pay to rent silverware or purchase it yourself. Saving money on a dress is all about going to a bridal show and getting a dress from the previous year for around $100. Dresses at a bridal shop can run from $1000 and up. Saving money on a photographer is not something I suggest because pictures are the only thing that is going to last after your wedding is over. Photographers can run from $1500 and up. Some photographers are cheaper but you get what you pay for. Yes, you can hire a friend or family member but it's usually hard to get those photos delivered to you after your wedding because they tend to get busy with their everyday job. A priest or Justice of Peace for your wedding will run you $100 to $150. Flowers can get pricey for your wedding but I think it makes your more beautiful if you don't skimp on the flowers. A good budget to set for your wedding would be $3500 to $10000. Any of these budgets will give you a very beautiful wedding. 


Jayson Lecuyer is an artist from Western Massachusetts who has been photographing weddings for over 10 years now. He specializes in relaxed portraitures in South Hadley, Ma. Northampton Ma, Amherst Ma Enfield, CT and New Haven CT. When he's not taking photos he finds time to draw, golf and play pinball. He is an avid Disney lover and tries to visit Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fl once a year. He uses all Canon gear and his favorite food is pizza. Stay up to date with Jayson's Photography on Facebook by clicking here and on Instagram by clicking here. 

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