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Friday, January 11, 2019
By Jayson's Photography
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Disney fairytale weddings are now becoming popular because every girl dreams of prince charming and a wedding that is magical. I visit Disney every year to ride the rides, meet the characters and photograph the parks. I'd love to photograph a Disney fairytale wedding. Combining two things I love, weddings and Disney just makes sense. Disney does everything right and I know that Disney fairytale weddings are pricey but I'm sure they are worth every single penny. Getting married in front of Cinderellas Castle is every girls fantasy. There's something about the castle where it feels like I can take a million pictures of it and I still don't have enough. Can you imagine being pulled down Main Street USA by a horse and carriage and seeing the love of your life standing in front of this castle? Put all money aside and just picture this for a moment. Close your eyes if you'd like and put on some calming music. Disney is so magical and I wish I could spend a night in Cinderellas Castle. Imagine that. I know that only a few people have gotten the chance to stay in there and it's not something you can pay to stay. If you're planning a Disney themed wedding, be sure to click the button below to give us a call. I'd love to photograph a wedding at Magic Kingdom some day because I know the images would turn out absolutely incredible. I know that people do have to wake up early to take sunrise photos as they open the park to the public pretty early now. I think this would be a blast to hang out with the bride and groom at in an empty Magic Kingdom. What area would you want to get a picture in front of? I'd probably go right for The Partners Statue and then the walkway leading up to the castle. Whatever the case, Disney fairytale weddings seem the way to go. 


Jayson Lecuyer is an artist from Western Massachusetts who has been photographing weddings for over 10 years now. He specializes in relaxed portraitures in South Hadley, Ma. Northampton Ma, Amherst Ma Enfield, CT and New Haven CT. When he's not taking photos he finds time to draw, golf and play pinball. He is an avid Disney lover and tries to visit Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fl once a year. He uses all Canon gear and his favorite food is pizza. Stay up to date with Jayson's Photography on Facebook by clicking here and on Instagram by clicking here. 

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