4 Mind-Blowing Honeymoon Destinations for Beach Addicts
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Thursday, May 16, 2019
By Jayson's Photography
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If you’ve ever thought that honeymoons are just an excuse for the married couple to drag out the good feels from their wedding, well, yeah. That’s pretty much it. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it! Honeymoons serve the purpose of giving the couple time to reflect and to create even more positive feelings between themselves in a private and intimate setting. For those who prefer the feeling of the sun on your skin, here are four sunny destinations for you to honeymoon.


Cabo boasts some of the best beaches and other attractions on the Pacific Coast. One such place is called Lovers Beach, which is where couples can relax, sunbathe, even go snorkeling in the surrounding waters. Sometimes called Cabo San Lucas, this is one of the most desirable locations in Mexico for honeymooners.

Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa, has a fantastic blend of beaches, a big city, and awesome safaris. You and your newly minted spouse can go to Boulders Beach to see its warm-weather penguin colony. Once you’ve done that, drive on down to Cape Agulhas to see the old lighthouse.

Santo Domingo

If you’re looking for things to do in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, then there’s plenty of activities for you to choose from. You can go diving and view stingrays and barracudas along gorgeous reefs. For the folks who’d rather stay topside, there is the Los Tes Ojos, a limestone cave that contains stunning blue lagoons, where you can enjoy the less-sunny scenery.


Kauai is the “Romantic Island,” but give the Big Island a chance to impress you with its black sand beaches, high, snow-covered peaks, cooling lava pools, and lush rainforests. None of the smaller islands boasts all of these locations and amenities. Don’t forget about Kilauea volcano, either; this majestic, molten mountain is one of the top tourist attractions in the Pacific. The Big Island is so grand and magnificent that you’ll be glad that you could share the sights with each other during your first days of wedded bliss.

Some of these places might not be what you expected when you think “honeymoon,” and some of the activities may not be honeymoon material at first glance either. Remember, each pair’s honeymoon isn’t going to be the same. The trip is all about you and your partner enjoying each other’s company and experiencing something together, no matter what the activity may be.

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